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Straps for car seats

Eurosandow manufactures 3 types of technical straps for car seats:

Seat manoeuvring straps

Car seat manoeuvring straps, which are used to operate modular seats (sliding, tilting, folding, etc.) include pull-down straps for side and middle seat sections and lifting straps. Seat release straps serve to keep the forward-backward movement of a seat within the authorised limits.

Seat upholstery webbing

Seat upholstery webbing holds seat upholstery in place and is usually woven, tubular and notched.

Tubular webbing for seat covers

Tubular webbing for attaching seat covers to car seats or tunnel band for seats with a perfect finish.

This type of webbing is mainly elastic to give a tightening effect on the seats.


Eurosandow has a factory in Romania that manufactures its products for car seats for automotive equipment and car manufacturers.

Of course, seat webbing can also be designed specially for lorries, coaches and any other type of vehicle with a driver seat (cranes, tractors, etc.).

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