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Webbing and nets for designers-Eurosandow-1
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Webbing and nets for designers

Webbing and nets for architecture

The current popularity of metal and textile architecture has seen architects give free rein to their imagination and use:
•webbing to cover design buildings, 
•shock cords for masts 
•bungee cords for workspace separations  

In indoor architecture, Eurosandow has co-developed a range of office partitions made of recycled netting! Knitted electric wires are also a big hit with interior architects at the moment.
Eurosandow, partner of the Cité du Design in Saint-Etienne
Eurosandow works regularly with French and European designers and has taken part in numerous Biennales du Design and other artistic events. 
e.g. the decoration of Place Dorian in Saint-Etienne in 2010.

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