Eurosandow, fabrication de sandow, tendeur, sangle et filet
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Braiding bungees, webbing and cords-Eurosandow-1
Braiding bungees, webbing and cords-Eurosandow-2
Braiding bungees, webbing and cords-Eurosandow-3

Braiding bungees, webbing and cords

Braiding consists of covering a core (natural latex, synthetic rubber, elastane, graphite, etc.) with a textile formed by interlacing yarn from rotating spools.

We have about 150 braiding machines.

This process is used for numerous applications. We can combine several types of covering (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, cotton, polyamide, Kevlar, aramid, glass fibre, copper, carbon fibre, linen, hemp, etc.) to obtain very precise characteristics for a cord.

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