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Elastic cords for Vélib bikes-Eurosandow

Elastic cords for Vélib bikes

Elastic cords and bungees for bikes

Eurosandow manufactures elastic cords for Smoove urban bikes. 
The bungee cords made in the Saint-Etienne factory secure bags in the front baskets on Paris's Vélib bikes.
These baggage bungees for bikes are gradually spreading to other cities as the Smoove self-service bike hire fleets are replaced and upgraded.

Bikes: a historical market and one with a future 

Historically, the Saint-Etienne area was home to many cycle manufacturers, which used the colourful hooked Eurosandow bungee cords as well as pedal straps, and other accessories.
Today, Eurosandow studies all specific projects for the cycle sector: technical webbing and cords, competition equipment, straps for custom bike carriers.

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